RLR Yachting Tutorial: How to use the Volvo Penta Easy Connect App for your yacht in Malta |
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Staying connected to your boat has never been easier with the Volvo Penta Easy Connect App. Designed for leisure and commercial applications, the app allows you to monitor your vessel or fleet from any location, to plan ahead for your next passage, or to collect engine data which you can share directly with your service dealer.

How does the Easy Connect app help yacht owners and sailors based in Malta?

Using the Volvo Penta Easy Connect app you can remotely access an engine status update from your vessel and share it from your smartphone or tablet directly to RLR Yachting (the authorised Volvo Penta distributor in Malta) for quick, accurate feedback.

How to use the Easy Connect app:

The Volvo Penta Easy Connect is an app which easily be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet and is installed in two quick steps. It gives you a tool which communicates directly with your engine and driveline via an onboard Bluetooth® interface. Via the dashboard in the app you can get an instant overview of the engine status. The key data is displayed in an easy-to-understand interface and there are additional features and functions which can be unlocked within the app.

Easy Connect: App + Interface for sailing in Malta

Step 1: Get the Easy Connect Interface from RLR Yachting (contact us via email or visit our store at 156, Ta’ Xbiex Sea Front, Ta’ Xbiex, Malta.

Step 2: Download the free app from either Google Play or Apple App Store

Step 3: Use Bluetooth to partner your mobile device with the Easy Connect Interface

Step 4: Start receiving data about your vessel’s engine in the Easy Connect app.

Record data and get tailored insights in to your Volvo Penta engine performance

The Easy Connect app can give you a status overview of your engine in real time, but it can also store data. This means you can easily analysis key information at a glance. For instance, with the Easy Connect app you could monitor your fuel consumption over a single day or several days whilst sailing in different locations around Malta. You could carry out accurate route planning for sailing longer distances, for example, a leisurely cruise from Malta to Sicily, which would enable better engine efficiency and consumption monitoring. The Easy Connect app stores it’s data on the cloud and you can allow access from multiple devices, both onboard as well as on land. This allows fleet owners and service dealers to use the data for better maintenance planning, scheduled downtime or repair information.

Gathering data is key for getting the most out of your marine engine:

The Easy Connect App and Interface work together to pull all of the key information on the status of your drivelive. Data fields which can be monitored includes:

  • Chassis ID
  • Engine hours
  • Diagnostic fault codes
  • My View function allows you to personalise display mode
  • Additional installed features or components have their own data fields


All of this information is gathered in the Easy Connect app and can be easily emailed to RLR Yachting by yacht owners in Malta via the in-built sharing function.

Additional features in the Easy Connect App:

  • Map: use Map View to check your current position and your track for the route you have taken.
  • The Easy Connect app can be used in combination with navigation charts in Navionics for more in-depth route planning.

Volvo Penta Easy Connect App, navigation for sailing, RLR Yachting, Malta sailing, malta route planning, sailing Malta, malta chandlery, Ripard, SailingMonitor your sailing trip:

The Easy Connect is capable of showing trip information, such as average fuel consumption by your Volvo Penta, the distance travelled in nm, boat speed, distance to waypoint which used in combination with a trip computer installed on the boat.

Route data is stored locally in the app, and information about past sailing journeys can be easily shared. Easy Connect is also great for letting friends and family monitor your sailing trip when they are onboard as it’s easy to read presentation is user friendly and intuitive. At sea there are often moments worth sharing with others who may not be able to be onboard too. You can share your sailing experiences in Malta via social media direct from the Easy Connect app.

Share your Volvo Penta diagnostics easily with RLR Yachting

As your local Volvo Penta dealer in Malta, RLR Yachting can help troubleshoot engine problems and offer repair solutions via the diagnostics which can be generated by the Easy Connect app. You can send key data points, for instance, chassis-ID and engine hours, to RLR Yachting so that we can quickly and easily assess the situation and provide you with more efficient service to get you back on the water.

Contact RLR Yachting today to get your Easy Connect set up

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The Easy Connect also offers several benefits for commercial marine operators in Malta:

There are many possibilities to improve your vessel’s efficiency and productivity offered via the Easy Connect app. Depending on your engine type, additional sensors and functionalities can be installed in your vessel to allow extensive real-time data monitoring, as well as all of the functions and route planning capabilities also available for leisure marine yachts. The ability to plan and continuously improve operations will help increase uptime and overall efficiency.

Thanks to the data supplied by Easy Connect, it’s easy to find best practice solutions to common challenges and tasks. For fleet owners, the engine data from a single vessel can be used to increase, for example, overall fuel efficiency or to identify best routes for an entire fleet. The Easy Connect system simplifies interaction between your fleet captains and RLR Yachting, allowing us to carry out remote fault tracing, helping you run your vessels efficiently.


The Easy Connect Interface includes NMEA2000 functionality. This means it can also be connected to an existing NMEA network within the boat. This enables you to access additional data from i.e. speed and depth sensors. In addition, the Easy Connect Interface can be used to convert engine data into NMEA2000 compatible chart plotters/multi-function displays onboard.


The interface kit is simple to install and is easily available at your local RLR Yachting Volvo Penta workshop in Malta.

NMEA cable for Volvo Penta Marine boat engine, RLR Yachting, Malta, Malta Chandlery,


The Easy Connect app is free and available for smartphones and tablets with iOS® 10 or later. For Android, the operating system version must be 5.0 or later for Android devices with Bluetooth® 4.2.

The Easy Connect app is compatible with iOS® 10 or later. For Android, the operating system version must be 5.0 or later for Android devices with Bluetooth® 4.2.

Contact RLR Yachting and we will help you to identify your engine’s compatibility with Easy Connect. Easy Connect is compatible with a wide range of marine leisure Volvo Penta engines from the year 2003 and later. For marine commercial applications, Easy Connect is compatible with engines from the year 2010 onwards.


D1 and D2 produced 2007 and later in single and twin non EVC installations. Note! Diagnostic trouble codes are not available in the Easy Connect app for D1 and D2. For details see the compatibility list above.


D3, D4, D6, D8, D9, D11, D12, D13, V6 and V8 engines in single, twin, triple and quad installations. Note! Diagnostic trouble codes are not available in the Easy Connect app for engines produced before 2009. For details see the compatibility list above.


Model year 2006 and later in single and twin installations.

Click here to contact RLR Yachting for more information about the Volvo Penta Easy Connect App and Interface