Light for your outdoor adventure

As any sailor knows well, a lot of items will be bought or build in during the time owning and using a boat. Three things we find most useful: our Hydrovane, Cobb Grill and VelcroLED.

We have all experienced low light conditions, but when the battery is running low?

What about reading, what about repairing the sail, the outboard, the canvas. Would it not be great to have the option to do these things at night rather than the 40 Degree heat in the day?

We could list ample scenarios in which the VelcroLED could be used; fixing the engine in the engine room in a position that has terrible light, oil changes, night time valve adjustments, fishing around bilges for that wedding ring you dropped .. the list goes on, we will spare the read.

You can’t bump your head against a hanging light, you can’t drop and break the strip, with unparalleled brightness and battery life, forget the headaches of headlight straps pushing against your temples; let VelcroLED light the way.

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